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Book High-Ticket Clients From Social Media – The Simple Way

This workshop is for you if you are a coach, consultant or expert who wants to sell more of your $2k – $10k signature offers to the high-level clients you love to work with.

And you want a simple way to book clients without wasting time and energy on cold outreach, hour-long discovery calls, “hunting” for clients on social, complicated websites, funnels and webinars.

If you’re anything like my clients you didn’t start your own business because you wanted to spend your life marketing & on sales calls…

… you started it because you have a gift and a passion for helping people.

And you’d MUCH rather spend your time in your zone of genius!

This is what I want to help you achieve.

It’s totally possible to book high-ticket, amazing clients every single week without all the sales & marketing drama.

When you know who your market is, have an Easy-Yes offer that they are ALREADY looking for and you’ve got your message dialled in correctly, you don’t need to “convince” anyone to work with you.

Instead, you’ll wake up to messages in your inbox with people asking for details on how they can sign up.

No matter what is going on in the world.

I know, I know… if you’re having to work really hard to book your clients you might be thinking “yeah this sounds too good to be true!”

But I’m going to show you exactly how you can achieve this.

In this workshop we will talk about:

– How to create an Easy-Yes Offer your dream clients can’t refuse.

– How to compete in a saturated market so you stand out as the exact specialist your dream clients are looking for

– The content to create that will pre-sell your offer and have prospects reaching out to you.

– How to enroll amazing clients by using a simple PDF Doc & 3-4 qualifying messages (say goodbye to hour-long discovery calls & hello to time freedom)

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