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Easy-Yes Offers

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And if you want an Easy-Yes Offer that sells itself, check out my offer below…


Do you want my help to create an Easy-Yes Front End Offer that sells itself, and all my frameworks for closing $2k - $20k sales over email and Messenger?

I’ve got spots open for my 30-Day Private Intensive now!

Together, we’ll…

  • Find the exact right “piece” of your genius for your Front End Easy-Yes Offer (this is CRUCIAL or you’ll destroy the sale)
  • Position your Front End Offer to attract the PERFECT clients 
  • Dial in the offer and language so that it’s sizzling hot & super EASY for your best-fit clients to say YES to (so easy you can sell it without a sales call)
  • Set up your Phoneless Sales System (close in 15 minutes over email or Messenger, even if it’s a $20k+ sale)

Plus, you’ll get my system for keeping your Easy-Yes Offers FULL, from here on out, using only email and social media posts!

My clients usually get back anywhere from 5 to 15 hours PER WEEK, that they were sinking into posting “bleh” content on social media (that didn’t get any hands raised), messaging all their contacts to try and book “discovery” calls and loooooong sales calls that mostly end with “I have to think about it” or “I can’t afford it.”

All while enrolling folks into their $2k-$10k Front End Offers that lead straight into their backend highest ticket offers.

Would you like to join us?

Send an email to with CLIENTS in the subject & I’ll send you the next steps.

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