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create & launch your low ticket program in one week

This program has been designed for coaches, consultants and service providers to be able to create their own Online Program Empire

Allowing you to get some quick cash flow now

And leverage this to create a recurring revenue stream for yourself, leaving money as a non-issue ever again

All by implementing a quick program launch method we developed that allows our clients to generate immediate cash flow and recurring revenue

without having to create complicated systems, meet clients face-to-face, do the same training over and over, run overpriced ads… or having to sacrifice your integrity & morals with cold pitches.

Instead, we unpack the knowledge from your brains & put it into a simple system that can be used repeatedly 

And show up as the type of INDUSTRY LEADERS that get prospects asking for your program details themselves…

(while removing the unethical & slimy tactics that make you look needy).

Coolest part about it?

There’s no limit to how many clients you can enroll in your program or the amount of income you generate with my own unique method

This *new* method I’m referring to is called The Plain-Sailing Sales System (P.S.S.) …

And if you have knowledge & expertise to share with the world & are on a big mission to do good, you’ll find this right up your alley.

In the Online Empire Program we will show you exactly:

What to Sell

Finding your Mass Market’s number one problem and formulating the product that solves it with my H.L.C. Avatar Analysis Plan

Program Creation

Getting the necessary information and strategies out of your head, and turning it into a perfectly-structured, priced for peak profits, Ideal Program that is designed to get your prospect eager to move into your high ticket program or membership

My Plain-Sailing Messenger Sales System™

 That teaches how to take even an Ice Cold prospect and effortlessly transition them into a sale, without ever leaving your messenger app.

Setup & Systems

Creating the program  on the Online platform, Accepting payments, Live streaming & Video guides

Let’s talk about marketing for a moment…

Let’s be honest for a second here. We ALL HATE cold outreach, right?!

So while cold outreach can definitely work – it will drain you. 

I prefer having it where prospects reach out to you. And that’s exactly what I’m going to teach you.

If you’re creating posts just for engagement and raving fans or getting comments like “that’s so inspirational” but you’re not making sales, you are doing something wrong.

The online market has become sophisticated and the content and strategies that worked last year do not work anymore.

You need to help people understand their problem, understand their limiting beliefs, understand the “noise” of the market…

They will then be open to shift their beliefs…

… you need to help them understand the way YOU think, your ideology & present your unique mechanism & guide the way to a better life.

If done right people will be reaching out to you to find out how to work with you

I want you to succeed and I thrive off my clients’ success stories.

That’s why, I’ve also decided to throw in my


Content That Converts $$$


This training is valued at $297 on its own but I’ve included it here as a free value add!



– What to Sell 

– Program Creation 

– My Plain-Sailing Messenger Sales System™ 

– Setup & Systems

+ BONUS Content That Converts


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