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Muscle Car Kit




GIMME The 2 Page Google Doc CASH MACHINE (Muscle Car Kit)

Here’s what’s inside:

*Pump out a cash machine in under an hour with the exact 2 Page Google Doc I and my clients use to flip on the sales faucet. 

*Drive hungry peeps to your cash machine with the 3 Posts or Emails (The first post has 2 sentences. 2nd has 7 sentences and the last post was only ONE WORD!)

*IMPORTANT: Bank maximum money with minimum words with the SALES “Shortcut” PSYCHOLOGY behind our  “No Brainer Campaign.” You’ll have at your fingertips all the self-paced training to make sure your Google Doc becomes like an ATM you can bank on again and again. How many 5 figure sales pops do you want your 2 page G Docs to spit out?

*BONUSES Spit out cash windfalls selling your products/programs just “sitting on a shelf”. My 2 favorite email and FB group hacks for creating BUYING FRENZIES…so easy and NOBODY does it. My #1 one-word subject line of ALL TIME for opens AND SALES. 

*It’s only 99 bucks, but save your receipt and GET $300 MOJO BUX you can use for any live Zoom or In Person group training I hold anytime in the future. 

*SUPER BONUS: Get all the traffic and leads you’ll likely ever need without being Google, FB, Youtube or any platform’s lil’ bitch. (The secret is tapping into the raging content creator and influencer traffic rivers available for the asking.) 

PLUS: NEW SUPER SURPRISE Gifts valued at way over $100 

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