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Workshops That Sell

Show your magic to multiple hot prospects at once then use our proven system to effortlessly turn those leads into clients


On 18 November, I’ll be showing a few coaches & consultants exactly how to book multiple clients into their signature programs by running ONE 40 – 60 minute live, interactive workshop every month… WITHOUT complicated tech, ads or 60 – 90 minute sales calls.

We use a Zoom meeting to host the workshop followed by a couple of 6th grade, simple to write posts and emails to book sales from $500 – $5000.

I use this strategy to book out my 1-1 coaching programs every month.

You may have tried to run a workshop or free challenge in the past, yet for some reason, people were dropping out like flies and no one signed up to work with you afterwards?

Perhaps you’ve thought about creating a webinar but you’re not excited about hard pitching your program for most of the presentation, like a bad used-car salesperson and settling for a 2-4% conversion rate into your signature offer. 

Maybe you’re just not a tech person and don’t want to have to figure out the webinar platform.

Quite frankly, you’re looking for a fun, easier way of demonstrating your expertise & connecting with people, at scale, who could be an amazing fit for your program.

The market is sophisticated now and tired of all the “value content” and the hard-sell processes most of us have been taught. They would rather show up to a short live, interactive workshop where they get a sense of what it might be like to work with you, risk-free, in a quick and fun format.

They don’t need more information, education or 5-day challenges, they want shortcuts to their goals and quick, simple solutions to their problems.

That’s where Workshops That Sell comes in.

We create workshops that showcase our expertise and set us up as the only logical solution to solve our markets problems or guide them to achieving their goals.

When you choose the right topic, booking clients into your signature program becomes a no-brainer, even for people experiencing you for the first time, without a big pitch or hard-selling.

This is how I book out my business every single month.

I’ve never taught this strategy before and I don’t know when or if I’ll teach it this way again… but I thought it would be fun to offer for a “Black Friday” promo to help a few folks make effortless sales before they slide into holiday mode this festive season.

Here’s what you’ll get:

My streamlined and exact step-by-step process for Workshops That Sell so that you can also use fun, interactive workshops to effortlessly book premium clients into your high-ticket signature programs.

In just a couple of short hours you will:

Choose a compelling workshop topic:  You’ll know how to choose the right workshop topic that attracts premium clients who are looking for what you’ve got to offer and ready to buy.

Validate every workshop idea: You don’t want to go to the effort of creating and marketing your workshop to have no one interested in attending. I’ll show you exactly how to validate your workshop idea with a simple post that takes 2 minutes to write that will also get your audience excited to attend.

Create and structure your workshop: Now that you’ve chosen and validated your workshop topic, you’ll follow my framework for creating a workshop that keeps participants highly engaged and hanging on your every word to the last second (nothing worse than throwing a party where everyone leaves early!)

Get leads: Now we have created our workshop presentation it’s time to set up your event and fill it with the right leads. You’ll  follow my favourite simple organic marketing strategy for filling up your event with targeted prospects in just a few days without paying a penny.

Convert leads into clients: Now you’re at the point where you’ll help your prospects decide to work with you… or not. You’ll use my proven system to build a follow-up environment that effortlessly enrolls clients straight into your programs or books short 20 – 30 minute sales calls with anyone who’s on the fence so you can get them off the fence and into your programs from there.

You’ll be thrilled at how much easier it is to enroll clients from your workshops when you’re not chasing and convincing people to work with you. You might even start enjoying the sales process more than you ever have before.

Don’t be surprised if your spouse or partner grills you for information on how you’re suddenly booking so many more clients while spending half as much time working.

Your Bonus Items

I want to make it as easy as possible for you to bring in high-ticket sales from your very first workshop.


Bonus 1: Workshop Naming Cheat Sheet: 

Use these proven title formulas to come up with catchy workshop names that stop the scroll and get people excited to attend.

Bonus 2: Google slides templates:

A download of a full template set so you don’t have to start from scratch and can create your workshop presentation in just a couple of hours.

Bonus 3: Organic leads calculator:

So you know exactly how many people you need to get to your workshop to hit your sales goals.

VIP Upgrade

Make it even EASIER for yourself with my personal help to create and launch your first workshop AND close sales.

After you’ve attended Workshops That Sell, you’ll create your very own workshop and will get direct access to me where I will personally review and help you tweak your presentation so it’s set up to bring in the sales you want.

I’ll also personally help you create your entire markeitng strategy: Together we will write the posts to fill up your workshop with targeted leads as well as your follow up emails and posts to convert those leads into clients.

And you’ll get a 30-minute call with me for any questions you might have about this entire process.

Sign Up As A VIP Now For Only $397

(This fee includes the workshop and all other bonuses as well)

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Workshop + Bonuses


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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied with Workshops That Sell for any reason you can simple request a refund, no questions asked.


Here’s answers to some questions you might have:

When is this happening? Workshops That Sell will be held on 18 November 2021 at 5pm GMT+2 (That South Africa time) The training will be 60 – 90 minutes long.

It would be great if you can join us live as I’ll have a short Q&A session at the end but if you can’t it’s totally ok, I’ll give you an opportunity to ask questions after the workshop.

Who is this for? This offer is ideal for coaches & consultants who have got an offer of $500 – $5000 and are looking for a simple way to book clients.

It’s ESPECIALLY for you if you’ve tried running workshops, webinars or challenges in the past but haven’t been able to book clients from them.

How long will it take me to create and launch my first workshop? You will easily get it created and launched within a week with my help. 

Will this work for my niche? This will work for literally any niche. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a “make money” niche or not. As long as you can solve a problem for your clients then this will work.

My audience is small, will this still work for me? You don’t need a huge audience, just a few hundred people who could become potential clients.

Will I need to buy special software or tech? Definitely not! I use Zoom to host my workshops and Google Slides for the presentation. That’s all!


Workshop + Bonuses


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Workshop + Bonuses + VIP Option


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